OC Questions: Which of your OCs are the most mentally stable? Do you have any particularly troubled OCs? Do any of your OCs feel unsatisfied or unhappy with their lives and achievements, Which ones? And why?

Oooh! Thank you! (◠‿◠✿) I’ll link to art where I have it online already. 

Characters that are most mentally stable? Clarisse, hands-down. Back when I did a heckuva lot more Pokemon-related roleplay, Clarisse was one of the only ones to have functioning relationships. Heck, she’s one of the few characters I have who has strong relationships built on things other than shared short-term goals. Also, she’s got a pretty large support network, which always helps. 

Characters with a lot of troubles? Rawst, Christian, and 17 probably take the cake in their own ways. Rawst is pretty hostile and has got some serious depression going on. He’s more violent than most of my OCs (Ramira excluded). Christian’s depressive too, but depressive in the sad, self-harm way. Christian’s the most likely to attempt suicide of my characters. 17 is… messed up pretty badly. There’s whole metric ton of codependency and abuse issues going on with her, and she hasn’t really had the chance to spread her wings outside of that situation yet. 

Unsatisfied OCs? A lot of my OCs feel unsatisfied, haaa. Mostly because I’m still getting my stride in creating characters with strong goals and desires, and then, you know, giving my characters happy endings. I’m a fan of bittersweet endings myself, which makes for many an unhappy OC. But as for specifics? Wisp, from the Die Vecna Die campaign (a.k.a Baby Party), is pretty unhappy about the whole evil-insanity-inducing black tentacle thing getting into Sigil. I haven’t entirely decided how he deals with that, because what he wants to do to set it straight will get him killed and he knows that and he’s kinda a wuss. Rawst n’ Christian are unsatisfied, mostly because of lack of people that they’re close to. For Rawst, everything he’s worked for is gone, and for Christian, there has never been that much they’ve wanted to work for. 

Other characters I have are either not-well developed, better off than these poor sods, have not been RPed, or I’m just forgetting about them.

Can anyone help?

I’ve been looking to find a RP partner lately, but for the life of me I haven’t been jivving with the rpers I’ve been hanging around, whether it be scheduling or for other reasons. 

For those directly interested: Preferably over skype. Original characters, but I’m A-OK with fandom OCs. I’ve mainly rp’d in various Pokemon-based roleplays… but I’m a fan of all sorts of things, so there’s that. Action, romance, adventure, fantasy, and then sci-fi’d be fun to try. Any pairing I’m good with. I crave literacy. Paragraph-length RP preferred, but flexibility is a plus. Looking sorta for a long-term rp partner, I guess, but if you don’t like my style nothing’s keeping you. Best times go from 9 pm-ish to 1 am-ish -8 GMT (Pacific coast time, a.k.a. American western seaboard). 

Please, don’t be afraid to inquire. ;u;

For those not directly interested, do you know of a directory or something where I might be able to find a rp partner? This has kinda been bugging me for a while but I can’t seem to find one…

Obligatory question mark?