Doin’ these by the two. These suggestions from the lovely le-rasp!

Homestuck: So yeah! Luckily for this one I’ve done a lot of quizzes and stuff beforehand. Out of them all, I like Maid of Mind the best (I’m seriously a sucker for alliteration, also, one of the theories is that “maid” is a pun so maids are literally made of their element. I can dig it. And the colorssss….) GhostlyConsciousness because I imagine my sprite would tell me something like “die to save them all” (He is FishJesus, so how could I say no?)…. LONAN— again, alliteration at work but I think a pretty good fit for a Maid of Mind. I’d imagine my aspect is challenging because of decisions: I’m very not good at them. I dislike them. Very much. |D; Knifekind because I’m thinking like exactoknife. I use those a lot.

Animal Crossing? I would do a human, but that’s so booooorrrriiing. Laughing Kookaburras are my favorite ever, and thus…. that. FIshing because Kookaburras are kingfishers. =w= 

So I want to do Tumblr-style quick artydoodles

Please give me a request, I guess? I’m throwing this out into the NETHER OF TUMBLR


What would you like me to draw?