You see those cute little buggers? I’ve been making a horde of them as gifts, and I want to gift one lucky Homestucker with a pair of their own. These two in particular have homes and simply serve as examples. I will make two for the winner and they get to pick whichever two characters they want.

They’re pretty simple yarn dolls, made in a similar fashion to the crazy popular voodoo dolls. I really enjoy making them, and with my birthday rapidly approaching I’d like to be the one giving the gifts.


  • I was going to limit this to my followers as a celebration of reaching 80, but instead it’s open to all. So, you do not need to be following me to win, but it’s always appreciated.
  • Reblog/like as many times as you please.
  • I will pick the winner on January 20th, 11:59 PM PST. I’ll message the winner and they must respond within 48 hours. I will redraw if necessary.
  • I can only ship within the U.S. [Sorry!! :C] 

If I have to, I’ll call the give-away off and do it another time. Save me from that fate! Good luck, and reblog away!

[EDIT]: This pertains to my followers who also happen to be friends. Most of you who are receiving these dolls as Christmas gifts haven’t gotten them yet. Even if you know you’ll be getting one, you’re more than welcome to participate for more!

Atypicalfiend, these are almost as cute as you! :,D Have my reblog. 

My small pool of followers: go look at her stuuuff, she’s awesome.  

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