On Geek Culture | Jacobin

A cool link I found, analyzing geekdoms in terms of how it interacts with capitalism. 

Another very long day

The only consolation I have is that I will have the best darn backpack in the universe. It’s not perfect but it’s shaping up pretty darn awesome and it. will. be. miiiiine.

And, just as importantly, my first trip into the wonderful world of drafting. A lot of on-the-spot fixes, but you know what? It’s still awesome. It’ll still be awesome. 

By the way, my ‘casual’ SS Link Cosplay is just about done! Belt, boots, pants, tunic, water dragon scale necklace, fireshield  earrings, and the best darn umbrella Master Sword to grace the planet. I say that because I’m 95% sure it’s the only one. Unless Google is a liar. For those interested, it was inspired by the lovely ninjasword ones I saw over at thisiswhyimbroke.com~


That and fate handed me a perfectly-colored $10 umbrella from one of the stores I got birthday gift cards for. Fate tends to fuel my insanity rather than let me be. I’m not fighting her. The handle itself was the product of two to three intensive days of work. 

 Anywho, there’ll be pictures when I’m done, but I’m tired and I want to boast. 

So I want to do Tumblr-style quick artydoodles

Please give me a request, I guess? I’m throwing this out into the NETHER OF TUMBLR


What would you like me to draw?