Can anyone help?

I’ve been looking to find a RP partner lately, but for the life of me I haven’t been jivving with the rpers I’ve been hanging around, whether it be scheduling or for other reasons. 

For those directly interested: Preferably over skype. Original characters, but I’m A-OK with fandom OCs. I’ve mainly rp’d in various Pokemon-based roleplays… but I’m a fan of all sorts of things, so there’s that. Action, romance, adventure, fantasy, and then sci-fi’d be fun to try. Any pairing I’m good with. I crave literacy. Paragraph-length RP preferred, but flexibility is a plus. Looking sorta for a long-term rp partner, I guess, but if you don’t like my style nothing’s keeping you. Best times go from 9 pm-ish to 1 am-ish -8 GMT (Pacific coast time, a.k.a. American western seaboard). 

Please, don’t be afraid to inquire. ;u;

For those not directly interested, do you know of a directory or something where I might be able to find a rp partner? This has kinda been bugging me for a while but I can’t seem to find one…

Obligatory question mark?